How To Properly Take Care Of Your Rugs

You must take special care of your rugs if you want them to stay in perfect condition. Regular vacuuming will help prevent dust buildup, but regular cleaning is the best way to maintain a rug’s beauty. Rugs need to be deep cleaned once every six to twelve months or as required to maintain their appearance. Professional deep cleaning is recommended for rugs that have been used for several years.

rug maintenance

The first step in proper rug care is to purchase a rug pad. You can select different types of rug pads depending on the floor. Using a rug pad keeps your rug flat and prevents creasing and slippage. Walking on buckles and creases can damage your rug’s foundation and result in uneven wear. For that reason, it is imperative to purchase a rug pad. However, if you have a high-traffic area, you should consider installing a runner rug.

Proper storage is important. Always store rugs in a dry, cool space, away from direct sunlight. Rugs should be folded or rolled and should not be placed directly on the floor of a storage facility. Water can rot the pile over time, and it is not recommended to store rugs on the floor. To prevent damage, wrap rugs with muslin or polyurethane sheets to protect them from moisture. Once wrapped, store them away from direct sunlight.

In case of spills, you may need to perform spot cleaning. You must always remember that any chemical cleaner used may cause damage to your rug, so you need to apply them carefully. Red wine should be blotted immediately with warm water. If you have no time to blot it out, try a mild detergent or water. If the spill is too large, you can use water and mild detergent to clean it. These solutions are effective for spot cleaning rugs.

Cleaning and dry cleaning are essential steps in maintaining a beautiful rug. Professional cleaning is highly recommended since a professional company can use high-quality equipment and cleaning solutions that are safer than the average rug owner’s device. Furthermore, they have trained employees who know exactly how to clean rugs. The average rug owner does not have experience with the cleaning solution, so they might end up doing more harm than good. Professional cleaning also produces excellent results. The powerful techniques used by a professional cleaner remove stubborn dirt. Moreover, the rug will dry much faster.

If you notice white silk cobwebs on your rug, you might have a moth infestation. Moths tend to infest rugs in certain residences, so you may want to use a moth spray on active rugs. The spray may have adverse effects on the color of your rug. While moth spray will only prevent moths from destroying your rug, it is still an excellent idea to check regularly to prevent infestations from taking place.

To extend the life of your area rugs, make sure to vacuum them every week or two. You should also hire a professional rug cleaner once every two years to clean it thoroughly. A professional cleaning will remove dirt and allergens that have become trapped in the fibers. You should also avoid exposing your rugs to direct sunlight. This may cause fading and discoloration, but you can try to avoid this by closing blinds when not in use.

If you are buying an antique rug, be aware that it may have uneven wear. Antique rugs usually show uneven wear, especially in dark brown colors. Iron oxide mordants in wool corrode the wool over time. In some cases, adjacent pile areas may be worn unevenly. In such cases, re-piling and knotting may be necessary. If you are not sure about the proper method for your rug care, consult a professional before you begin the process.