PIXI Integral
PIXI Integral
PIXILinQ Digital Signage

Manage Your Information

Communicate with your clients. ​We give equal importance to design and technical demands. Take a look at out stunning totems and videowalls.

Our tenant directories are more than a listing of names and room numbers. They provide transit information, tenant bulletins, nearby restaurants and attractions, and more.

We make it easy for you.

When you purchase a totem from us, it comes with everything you need. We design the content and manage it for you. Whenever you need a change...it's done within 24 hours.


We'll help you plan out your entire network.

Cash Flow

We'll show you how to make the most out of your content and manage your ROI.


Don't fall into the cookie-cutter, one size-all trap. We design custom solutions that work for you now and in the future

Building a brighter tomorrow—today


Tenant directories, directions, tentant information, news and weather.

Queuing and Sign-in

Hospitals, medical centres, and clinics.


Donation kiosks allowing for simple credit card donations.

Restaurant Menus

Single or multi-screen, animation, video.